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MayStreet is building the world’s premier, next-generation platform for capital markets data.

MayStreet’s market data technology delivers the highest-quality, most complete global market data to enable data-driven decision-making. Combining ultra-low latency software with consolidated, top-of-book and full depth-of-book data, MayStreet empowers its clients – including the sell side, buy side, vendors, regulators and academics – to gain deeper insights to drive investing, trading, execution analytics and compliance. MayStreet’s services include: Bellport Feed Handler Solution – real-time and historical market data processing; MayStreet Market Data Lake – multi-asset, global exchange data to fuel pre-trade, trading and post-trade analytics; and MayStreet Analytics Workbench – flexible, cloud-based toolkit for analyzing, querying and visualizing normalized market data.

The solutions we build solve real-world problems in environments that run 24/7 where trillions of dollars of transactions are at stake. Our platform provides massive amounts of high-quality data to decision makers trading vast sums of assets daily.

Everyone on our team works together on building and enhancing our platform. As a meritocracy, we’re focused on getting the best ideas into the marketplace. The software we create is put to the test immediately by large customers operating at scale.

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